17th Century Chronolgy (Western, Asian, Ottoman)

17th Century An Ottoman Chronolgy 

1604 Accession of Ahmed I [death of Mehmed III]
1612 Ottoman capitulations assigned to the Dutch.
1612 Immigration of Sephardim and Marranos Jews from Low Countries.
1617 Accession of Mustafa I [death of Mehmed III].
1617 Accession of Mustafa I [first reign].
1618 Accession of Osman II.
1622 Accession of Mustafa I [second reign].
1624 Iran seizes Baghdad and much of Iraq.
1629 Accession of Murad IV.
1639 Ottoman recapture of Baghdad.
1640 Accession of Ibrahim I.
1644 Beginning of Ottoman attempts to take Crete from Venice.
1648 Accession of Mehmed IV.
1648 Venetian fleet blockades the Dardanelles.
1648-1649 Shabbetai Tzevi declares himself the Messiah in Izmir.
1656 Beginning of Grand Vezirate of Mehmed Koprulu.
1656 Venetians destroy large Ottoman fleet off the Dardanelles.
1658 Hebrew printing press established in Izmir.
1661 Beginning of Grand Vezirate of Fazil Ahmed Pasha.
1664 Ottoman defeat at Saint-Gotthard.
1669 French embassy to the Ottomans.
1669 Ottomans complete conquest of Crete.
1672-1676 Ottoman war with Poland; Ottoman conquest of most of Podolia and Polish Ukraine.
1676 Beginning of the Grand Vezirate of Kara Mustafa Pasha.
1683 Ottoman failure to take Vienna, for a second time.
1686 Austria captures Buda.
1687 Venetians take Morea and Athens.
1687 Holy League against the Ottomans.
1687 Accession of Suleyman II.
1687 Russians beseige Azak [Azov] and capture the area in 1696.
1688 Austria captures Belgrad.
1689 Austria captures Vidin.
1690 Ottomans recapture Belgrad.
1691 Accession of Ahmed II.
1695 Accession of Mustafa II.
1697 Eugene of Savoy defeats Ottomans at Battle of Zenta.
1699 Treaty of Karlowicz.
1703 Accession of Ahmed III.


17th Century A Western Chronology 


1598 Death of Philip II of Spain.
1602 Founding of the English East India Company.
1603 Death of Elizabeth I of England.
1605 The “Gunpowder Plot” in England.
1610 Spanish expulsion of the Moriscos.
1610 Death of Henry IV Bourbon of France.
1610 Polish occupation of Moscow.
1610 Cossacks reach mouth of the Yenisey River in East Siberia.
1612 Death of Rudolph II Habsburg Emperor: had introduced Counter-Reformation into hereditary Habsburg lands.
1613 Death of El Greco.
1616 Death of Cervantes.
1618 Beginning of the Thirty Years’ War. [the ‘defenstration’ of Prague].
1620 Battle of the White Mountain.
1621 Death of Philip III of Spain.
1621 Founding of the English West India Company.
1621 Peace of Chotin [between Poland and Ottomans].
1621 Swedish conquest of Livonia under Gustavus II Adolphus.
1625 Death of James I Stuart of England.
1626 Death of Francis Bacon.
1628 English Petition of Rights.
1629 Armistice of Altmark: Poland gives up Livonia and important ports to Sweden.
1630 Death of Johann Kepler.
1632 Death of Gustavus II Adolphus of Sweden.
1635 Establishment of the Academie Francaise to promote arts and sciences.
1640 Liberation of Portugal from Spain under new royal house of Braganza (John IV).
1640 Death of Peter Paul Rubens.
1641 Death of Van Dyck.
1642 Death of French Cardinal Richelieu.
1642 Death of Falileo Galilei.
1642-1648 The English Civil War.
1645 Death of Hugo Grotius, the “Father of International Law.”
1648 Peace of the Hague: Spain recognized the Dutch Republic.
1648 The Peace of Westphalia.
1648Simon Dezhnev discovers Bering Strait.
1649 Execution of Charles I in England, abolition of the monarchy.
1650 Death of Rene Descartes.
1651 Hobbes’ Leviathan.
1653 Cromwell becomes “Lord Protector” in England.
1658Death of Oliver Cromwell.
1659 Peace of the Pyranees.
1660 Death of Velasquez.
1660 Restoration of the monarchy in England, with Charles II Stuart.
1660 Death of Charles X Gustavus of Sweden.
1661 Death of French Cardinal Mazarin.
1661 Beginning of reign of French king Louis XIV.
1665 Plague in England.
1666 A great fire destroys much of London.
1669 Death of Rembrandt.
1673 Death of Moliere.
1674 Death of John Milton.
1677 Death of Spinoza.
1679 Death of Thomas Hobbes.
1679 English Habeas Corpus Act.
1681 French annexation of Strasbourg.
1683 Ottoman siege of Vienna under Sultan Mehmed IV.
1685 Revocation of the Edict of Nantes in France.
1688 Death of Frederick William I of Brandenburg-Prussia [the Great Elector].
1688 The English ‘Glorious Revolution.’
1689 English Declaration of Rights.
1689 Treaty of Nerchinsk [between Russia and China].
1689 Peter I becomes Tsar of Russia.
1694 Establishment of the Bank of England.
1695 Death of Purcell.
1697 Death of Charles XI of Sweden.
1698 Peter I of Russia exterminates the streltsy.
1699 Death of Racine.
1699 Peace of Karlowitz.
1700 Beginning of the Great Northern War. Victory by Sweden over Peter I of Russia at Narva.

17th Century An Asian Chronology

1600 Nurhachi unites Tungu tribes in SE manchuria to form nation of the Manchu.
1609 Dutch push Portuguese out of Ceylon.
1620 Manchu seize Mukden.
1639 English East India Company establishes colony in Madras.
1644 Manchus enter Peking and take over government.; beginning of Manchu dynasty [until 1911].
1658-1707 Rule of Aurangzeb in India, the last of the significant Grand Moguls.
1661 English East India Company establishes colony in Bombay.
1662-1722 Chinese Emperor K’ang Hsi.
1664 Colbert establishes the Compagnie des Indes Orientales.
1671 Confucianism becomes state-wide Chinese doctrine, in the 16 rules of the Holy Edict.
1691 With Mogul conqust of Kandahar, Kabul and the Deccan, greatest extention of the Mogul Empire.
1696 Establishment of Chinese “protectorate” over Mongolia.
1696 English East India Company establishes colony in Calcutta.


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