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Turkey considered as the gateway between Europe and Asia is an Eurasian country located on the Mediterranean stretching across the Anatolian peninsula in southwest Asia and the Balkan region of southeastern Europe. It is bordered by the Black Sea, the Marmara Sea, the Aegean Sea and Mediterranean Sea.  Turkey is a fascinating country where many important civilizations have flourished since 9,000 BC. Turkey was home from the ancient Hittites, Persians, Macedonians, Romans, Byzantines to the Ottomans which have left behind them superb architectural, archaeological and historical heritage. Modern Turkey is a secular and democratic Moslem country, founded in 1920 by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, and from that time, Turkey has been suffering big changes and one of the most notable is its rapidly economic development. Despite of its traditional and Islam roots, Turkey is decidedly western oriented country and today is considered as a candidate to be part of the European Union, which will permit to the country grow up more.

Istanbul and Ankara are the most important cities in Turkey, the first is a city of mosques, palaces and fabulous treasures, sultans and mysterious harems; and Ankara the capital of the country.  Turkish people are very friendly and hospitable, welcoming people of many races and religions, certainly in this country coexist harmoniously the Islam and Christianism. Visitor can find in Turkey dozens of things to do and see then they never would be disappointed. Historical ancient cities such as Troy, Ephesus, Tarsus, Konya, and many other more are very interesting places to visit. Turkey boasts peaceful harbours, quiet gardens, golden sandy beaches and lively nightclubs and hectic bars, is also the perfect place for leisure and sports. Turkey also has an enviable Mediterranean climate, not for nothing it is said that you can find the four seasons simultaneously. Holidays to Turkey are filled with the perfect mix of sea, sun, lakes and mountains which offer a complete change from the every day grind. The climate in Turkey is absolutely ideal between the months of April and October, which makes it the perfect holiday destination spot for anyone who wants to relax under the sun on the gorgeous unspoiled beaches or to take in every single sight that Turkey has to offer. There is something for absolutely everyone who might be planning on taking their holidays in Turkey, regardless of whether they want to spend time along the 5000-mile coast line, or want to take in all of the ten thousand year old historic treasures that the country has to offer. Enjoy the warm sun, the white sands, the beautiful sights and sounds, rich culture and history and the hopping night life and your holidays to Turkey will be spectacular.


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Black Sea Region, Pontic coastof Anatolia

This northern coastal region has a steep and rocky coast, and rivers cascade through gorges of the coastal ranges. A few of the large rivers, those cutting back through the Pontus Mountains (Dogu Karadeniz Daglari), have tributaries that flow in broad, elevated basins. Access inland from the coast is limited to a few narrow valleys, and, as a result, the coast has always been isolated from the interior. The narrow coastal ribbon running between Zonguldak and Rize, widening here and there into fertile deltas, is an area of concentrated cultivation. All available areas, including mountain slopes wherever they are not too steep, are put to use. The mild, damp climate favors commercial farming. The western part of this region also hosts much of Turkey's heavy industry.


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