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Travel tips for Turkey: Where to stay?


There are enough cheap hotels in every town and some of the larger villages. Most, espe¬cially on the coast, leave something to be desired in terms of infrastructure and ambience, but have invariably friendly, if unprofessional, service. Prices per double room vary between $5 and $20. The interior has simpler hotels, which also tend to be cleaner and quainter. They usually bill per person and rarely more than $3. Many yay¬las, which get an influx of visitors during the summer, offer accomodations in the $2¬5 range. House "pensions" as in southwestern Turkey are quite unknown in the Black Sea area.
The list includes all "tourist class" accomodations certified by the Tourism Ministry, and a few others where once upon a time the Editor had a pleasant stay. The com¬ments, needless to say, reflect the private opinion of the Editor. All facts were checked in late 1989. Prices are given in
approximate dollar equivalents of the rates valid then. Keep in mind that high inflation and a fluctuating currency limit their usefulness. Unless otherwise noted, they are quoted for two persons, double occupancy. Private shower, breakfast are included in "starred" hotels, tend to be extra elsewhere. AMASRA
Belvii Palas, Huzur Pansiyon and Papa Kaptan all cost less than $5.
Hotel Hadi is the least bad among the lot. SINOP
Melia Kasim (***) is the best in Sinop. Dr. Riza Nur Cad. (3761) 163 286. 100 beds. $16.
Karakum Motel offers own beach, 2 km outside town. (3761) 2692. 130 beds, bun¬galows. $15.
Half a dozen in expencice places near the bus terminal. Motel CD ($12 range) is a very pleasant place on the road to Akliman. Another excellent idea is to drive out to the pleasant resort town of Gerze and stay at Koşkburnu Tesisleri by the beach. (3768) 81-503.
Turban Buyuk Samsun (****) is the only top-class hotel in the Black Sea region to be found outside Trabzon. Atatürk Bulvan. (361) 107 50. 250 beds. $20-24.
Most other hotels are located on Irmak Cad¬esi /Kazimpaşa Caddesi.
Yafeya (***) is eminently acceptable. Cumhuriyet Meydam. (361) 511 31..34. Fax: 51 1 35. $15.
Vidinli (**). Kazimpaşa C. Once Samsun's top hotel, now shows sad signs of decline. $16. (361) 160 50..51.
Burç (**). Kazimpaşa C. Somewhat newer, smaller. $18. (361) 154 79..81. Tugra. Irmak C. No star, but better than the preceding two. $18. (361) 511 41..43. Terminal. Near the bus terminal, for those on the move. $10. (361) 155 19.
Many seaside motels at Onye serve week¬end beach-goers.
Çamlik (Belediye) has nice spot by the beach, good restaurant. $7. (3731) 1333. Kumsal (*) is second bestt. (3731) 4490. FATSA
Dolunay Motel (*). Superb location, own beach west of town. $10. (3717)1528. Emek is cheaper. Clean and friendly.
Vona (*). Aktaş district. (3717) 1755. ORDU
Turist Hotel (**) has two stars too many, but the alternatives are even worse. (371) 14273, 19115.$15.
Gedikali (*)is a surprisingly good hotel located in the middle of nowhere outside town. Own beach. (0514) 1081. GIRESUN
Hotel Giresun (**) isb the best in town. (051) 130 17. 60 beds. $12.
Bozbag is cheaper and friendlier. $5. TIREBOLU
Hotel Huzur, on the main avenue, is the best in town. Try Hotel Inci in the old town. Both under $4.
With the growth of tourism, Trabzon has acquired several international-class hotels and many relatively cheap establishments that fit tourist expectations. Almost all are on the main square (Belediye Meydam) or the streets off its NE edge.
Ozgür (***) (031) 113 19, 127 78, 130 64. Tlx: 83227 taft tr. 110 beds. $19.
Usta (**) (031) 121 95. 160 beds. $15. Horon (*). Siramagazalar S. 125. (031) 11199.$13.
Kalfa. Belediye Meydam. (031) 126 90. Friendly management. $8.
Erzurum. Güzelhisar C. (031) 113 62. Located in a beautiful old house, this is our favorite inexpensive hotel in Trabzon. No shower in rooms. $5.
Hotel Trabzon, which figures in Macau-
lay's The Towers of Trebizond, has declined over the years. It is scheduled to reopen in 1989 after a major facelift.
Also scheduled to open in 1989 is top-notch Dedeman Hotel.
Maçka Palas. Quaint namesake of one of
Istanbul's top hotels. Tasty restaurant down¬stairs. $4.
Hüseyin Inan Balik Tesisleri. is a great place to stay close to nature. 6 bungalows and campsite. $10 per person including food.
3 hotels on main avenue. Equally friendly, if unprofessional, management. Er is our favorite for no particular reason.
Hotel Keleş (**). Poorly managed, but good restaurant.
Avcı The boss Nevzat Terzibaş and his colorful friends hang around with hawks and falcons. $5.
The Farm of Savaş & Doris Güney is likely to prove one of the most memorable highlights of a Black Sea tour. In Şenyuva Village, 6 km beyond town. 5 bungalows (12 beds) and campsite. $13 per person incl. dinner and breakfast. PK 1 Çamlıemşin. No phone.
Several simple hotels exist in Çamlihemşin town and in the village of
Papila (*). (0571) 1897. Once good, now falling apart, but with a certain provincial charm. $12.
Cihan (*). (0571) 1440..43. Newer, better. ARTVIN
Karahan (**) deserves the highest praise for service, help and pioneering spirit main¬tained against heavy odds. (0581) 1800..02. 100 beds. $20-24.
Genya, 7 Mart and Yeşil Artvin, all on the main avenue, are nice enough for tour¬ists on a shoestring budget. $4 range. Belediye Tatil Evleri. Bungalows and houses operated by Artvin Municipality at Kafkasor. Poorly maintained, but extraor¬dinary location. Inexpensive.
The Karahan Hotel maintains a lovely Vil¬lage House in Barhal (Altiparmak) village, 30 km NW of Yusufeli. 20 beds, sleeping bags. $10 per room. Contact through Kara¬han Hotel in Artvin.
Organized campsites of serious standards do not exist in the region. On the coast, some roadside cafes with a sufficiently flat backyard advertise themselves as camping sites. A large number of them are in the vicinity of Unye, which has grown into a regional resort town. Mountains have noth¬ing of the sort. In yaylas, visitors with tents are a relatively common sight; in lower¬altitude villages you may ask to set up your tent at the edge of someone's farm, and run the risk of being treated to dinner and a room in the farmhouse. If you set up tent in remote places, do inform the local gendarmerie of your whereabouts to avoid unnecessary midnight visits.


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