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Travel tips for Turkey: What to bring?


Beside informal seasonal clothing, an umbrella and/or light rainwear is essential. So is a bathing suit. Hiking boots are needed if you plan to spend any time in the mountains. Some people prefer knee-length rubber boots to the regular hiking variety, since they let you walk comfortably through little streams, waterlogged fields, etc. Good inexpensive ones are sold at shoe shops throughout the region. A sweater may be necessary at higher altitudes even in summer.

Black Sea people have a remarkably toler¬ant attitude toward outsiders. Nevertheless, both women and men will feel far more comfortable in their dealings with local
people if they dress "modestly", ie. avoid exposing legs and the torso. Topless bath¬ing, although routine in southwestern Tur¬key, had not arrived in the Black Sea as of this writing.
A Minor tip: unless accustomed to utilizing water as locals do, toilet paper or "selpak" paper napkins will be useful to carry along Tampons, too, have only recently made their way into major-town pharmacies and may elude you at a moment of emergency.
Color print film is available in all towns. But slide film is rarely found and often stale or of poor quality, so bring your own film if you want to take slides.


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