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 Izmir Travel guide
Izmir Travel guide

The city of Izmir is located in the Aegean region in western turkey, at the gulf with the same name Izmir. Called as the Peal of the Aegean, is the third largest city and one of the most important commercial and industrial centre in the country. Izmir is also the second largest Turkish sea port.

Studies and excavations prove that Izmir dates back to 3000 B.C. During the ancient times Izmir was known as Smyrna and was initially built on the Tepekule site today as Bayrakli. Later, in the Turkish era the city of Smyrna was re-named Izmir.

Izmir Travel guide Izmir Travel tips

Today the city presents Mediterranean Europe influence contrasting the modern buildings with its traditional character. Around the city there are many historical sites from prehistoric times, works and buildings, museums, typical Mediterranean kitchen, handicrafts, festivals, festivities, and other local cultural specialties.

Izmir is a prominent city for all that has to offer. It is a cosmopolitan and lively city where culture and entertainment are mixed. Izmir is renowned for its museums, fish restaurants along the shore, the bars, discotheques and night clubs and for the remains of ancient civilizations.

One of the landmarks of Izmir is Balcova where is located Turkey's largest thermal spas. The Culture Park in the Alsancak district is another well known spot where many fairs are held during the year, being the most important the International Izmir Festival in September. This festival features music and dance shows, as well as performances.



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