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 Job Search in Turkey
Job Search in Turkey

Turkey has plenty of fields where foreigners can perform and work. Especially there are opportunities to work in the tourism, teaching English, real estate and finance fields.

Foreigners trying get a job in Turkey, have to obtain a work permit prior to arriving in Turkey and in addition to obtain a Work Visa and a Residence Permit in order to work legally in Turkey.

Work Permit
The processing time is approximately 30 days. Generally, the application for a Work Permit will consist of the following:

Petition for a Work Permit

4 copies of expatriate application form with original signature and stamps of the employee and Turkish employer.
Notarized photocopy of the diploma.
Translated and notarized photocopy of the passport.
Employer's last year balance sheet authenticated by the Tax department.
Company signature circular.
4 pictures
The application is submitted to the Foreign Investment Department who approves the application and forwards it to the Directorate of Security of the Ministry of Interior. The Directorate of Security, upon approving the application, issues the Work Permit to the employer, and notifies the Turkish Consulate with jurisdiction over the employee's place of residence that a visa may be issued. Usually work Permits are valid for up to two years, and may be renewed 3 months before the expiration of the initial permit.

Work Visa
The application for a Work Visa is submitted to the Turkish Consulate where the expat is residing or country of origin and generally consists of the following:
Original Passport
Application form, one original and three copies
Four (4) passport-style photographs
Company support letter which must include the names of the family members who will accompany the employee
A notarized copy of the Work Permit
Application fee (varies by country of nationality)
If residing in any country other than that of origin, copy of work and residence permits of that country.

Applications are processed within 45 working days.

Residence Permit
Applications for Residence Permits are submitted to the Directorate of Security. Applications may be submitted by the employer or by the individual. The following documents are required:

Letter from the Turkish employer requesting residence for the employee and his or her family members
Four (4) passport-style photographs
Application fee.
Original passport
Copy of the work permit
Power of attorney to the broker
4 copies of application form for residence permit with original signature of employee.
Residence permit will be issued within 5 working days. Once issued, the Residence Permit is usually valid for the same period as the Work Permit unless the validity of the passport expires earlier. Extensions may be obtained before the expiration of the initial permit.


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