Ataturk Pavillion Trabzon, Atatürk Museum, Ataturk kiosk of Trebizond

It was built in Soğuksu, one of the recreation spots of Trabzon in 1890 by Konstantin Kabayannidis- a banker from Trabzon as a summer house. The pavilion was given to the treasure in İ923. On 15th September, 1924 Atatürk visited and liked the pavilion on his first visit to Trabzon. In line with Constant Province Council’s decision in chapter 361, dated 18.05.1931, the pavilion was given to Atatürk as a gift by the people of Trabzon.

Contrary to the documented sources till now, Atatürk stayed here only on his last visit to Trabzon from 10th to 12th June, 1937, also made a decision which is very important for our history, and gave his property to the treasure and sent it to Prime Minister İnönü by a telegram. It was bought from his sister -Makbule Hamm after his death on 6th April, 1943 by Trabzon Municipality, was decorated and opened it as Atatürk Museum.
The building has some traces from European Architecture and has four floors.

Side features and the decoration of the building have the features of European Architect. In the entrance floor, there is Atatürk’s living room, dining room and guest room. On the first floor, are Atatürk’s bedroom, the rooms for his assistant and guard. On the second floor where we go through the wooden stairs, there are two big rooms which are opened to a big room.

Atatürk Museum Photos*

  • Photos – Copyright © Özhan Öztürk

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