Uzungöl photos, Trabzon Turkey

Uzungöl is a favourite with plateau tourism due to its surrounding plateaus and glacier lakes… You must make sure to see how generous nature has been here.

High Season

Visitors to Uzungol mostly come during July-August. The region is about 1090 m above sea level and rains a lot during winter/autumn. The roads, pitted by rainfalls, make it difficult to reach the area. Therefore, the best time to go to Uzungol is during July-August. However, don’t forget that your sightseeing trips in Uzungol will include plateaus as high as 2500 m, so make sure that you bring warm winter clothes and anoraks with you.


To get to Uzungol you must first go to Trabzon. Uzungöl is 100 km from Trabzon. Once you pass Trabzon and arrive at the town of Of, take the right turning which leads to Chaykara. It takes about 20 minutes between Chaykara – Uzungöl.


There are very few structures in the area that could be called historical remains. The history of Uzungol is tied in with that of Trabzon’s. Trabzon’s ancient name was “Trapezos”. This means “table”. The old city had been built on a narrow hill which stretched down to the sea in the shape of a table.
Trabzon was built during 800 B.C. as a colony of Sinop. Later, from 1204 to 1461 it enjoyed a wealthy period as the capital city of the Ethnic Greek Pontus state. Trabzon was a metropolis until Yavuz Sultan Selim became governor of Trabzon around the beginning of the 16th century, and was occupied by Russia for about 2 years during WWI. During the latter period battles were fought with the Russians and local Ethnic Greek brigands in Uzungol and Haldizen. The graves of the Turkish martyrs are still in the Haldizen valley.Highlights

Every corner of the Black Sea offers visitors different delightful qualities. this applies to Uzungol as well. The lake is surrounded completely by forests. when you see the lake’s view you’ll know why it is the subject of postcards.
The area boasts many plateaus and lakes of varying sizes. Make sure you visit them. Although it is impossible to reach these lakes by any vehicle, don’t hesitate to visit the green plateaus and lakes by walking there if you don’t mind taking some exercise in fresh, clean air! Make sure you participate in the tours and exercise intended walks! the region offers many choices of reasonable and clean accommodation. These facilities provide a very attentive service and some are built as bungalows. You will enjoy spending time at these facilities with lake views.

The region’s best known plateaus are Ipsil and Haldizen… they are situated in valleys of the same name and they range at about 2000 to 3000 metres above sea level. There are many glacier lakes at these heights which can even be seen during July… The flowers of the valleys appear to completely cover the bright green grass carpet. Other plateaus which must be seen; the Anzer, Meze, Maura and Haya plateaus famous for honey. Clean air, green natural environment and the Black Sea’s cool air. What more could one want during the summer months?


Uzungöl has many lovely restaurants where you can eat fresh trout. In particular, the buttered trout menu at the Inan Kardeşler Trout Facilities. If you would like a taste the telephone numbers are: 0462 656 60 21 and 0462 656 60 66.

Bon appetite!

Outdoor Sports

The best exercise you can take in the Black Sea is walking… you can sightsee all the beautiful surroundings while exercising at the same time. As it is not possible to reach many of the natural wonders to be seen by car, most of the tours in the area are organized as walks.


Make sure you bring warm winter clothes and anoraks when visiting the Black Sea. Also, bring any medication which you take regularly with you.
The most common problem encountered on Black Sea mountain tours is “mountain sickness”, as it is commonly called. When very high altitudes (2000 – 3000 metres) are climbed quickly, this sickness may occur with symptoms such as headache, nausea, dizziness and insomnia. If you start having these kinds of symptoms, the best thing to do is stop the climb and go back. People suffering from high blood pressure and heart diseases should abstain from such trips.Neighbours

Trabzon, Rize, Çamlıhemşin.

Family Travel Tips

The facilities in Uzungöl have not really been planned with children in mind, so do not expect too much from the area. If you do want to bring your children with you, then you must ensure you have all their needs brought with you. It would also be unsuitable for children to accompany adults on the walks to the plateaus. The walks are usually very long and arduous. If you wish to come with your kids and enjoy a nice holiday in the arms of Mother Nature, then be prepared to stay mostly in Uzungol. You will need to make the best of the facilities and the area.

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