Well-known Pontian kemence players videos from Greece

Giorgos Petrides (Γιώργο Πετρίδη) or (Gogos – Γώγος) & Chrysanthos Theodoridis (Χρύσανθο Θεοδωρίδη).

Artistic tribute from Pontian Youth Union of Attica (E.Po.N.A.) to the patriarch of the Pontian kemence (ποντιακής λύρας ) player Giorgos Petrides (Γιώργο Πετρίδη) or (Gogos – Γώγος) and the nightingale of Pontus Chrysanthos Theodoridis (Χρύσανθο Θεοδωρίδη).These are two of the most deserving and well-known artists of the previous century with unprecedented talent and love for Pontus, indelibly left their mark on our musical tradition. He is the largest kemence (Potic lyra) player of all time. Named “patriarch” of the lyre and this is due in large part to popularize and disseminate the Pontian lyre. Son of Mountakis of Pontus Stavros Petridis, who was born in the village Fantak ‘Trabzon in 1896 and died in Kalamaria in 1949, grew up in an environment full of authentic sounds. Born in 1917 in Fantak ‘Trabzon and died at Easter 1984 at the age of 72 in Kalamaria. Today there is a bust of Kalamaria, in front of the town hall. Gogos left three sons, Stavros, Savvas and Kostas, who are also musicians.


Giorgos Kougioumtzidis (Γιώργο Κουγιουμτζίδη) & Christopher Christoforidis (Χριστόφορο Χριστοφορίδη).

Artistic tribute from Pontian Youth Union of Attica (E.Po.N.A.) in two memorable guardians of Pontic music, the lyre player Giorgos Kougioumtzidis (Γιώργο Κουγιουμτζίδη) or (Giorgoulis – Γιωργούλης) and the complexity Christopher Christoforidis (Χριστόφορο Χριστοφορίδη) or (Stoforos – Στοφόρον). This is leading to many lyrist Second generation continued in the footsteps of our older music tradition and broadcast in the Diaspora abroad cooperating for many years with Chrysanthos. The Stoforos was the mouse model Matsoukas. Authentic in every facet of the Pontic tradition and genuine exponent of the primordial thymosofikou spirit, he was able to overwhelm his interlocutor and the mentally travel back home.

Nikos Papavramidis (Νίκο Παπαβραμίδη) & Christos Bairaktari (Χρήστο Μπαϊρακτάρη)

Artistic tribute from Pontian Youth Union of Attica (E.Po.N.A.) both memorable guardians of Pontic muse Nikos Papavramidis and Christos Bairaktari. They lived 17 years in Pontus having genuine sounds of the lyre and song. After the Genocide came to Greece bringing fresh and unadulterated the Pontiac traditional sound with the help of radio carry him across the country. Although they had knowledge of music with their talent and their love overcame that obstacle. Their melodies are driven by instinctive movements that exceeded the limits of technical engineers rates. Justly belong to those grandparents who were standard artist, patriot and humanity, for generations to come.

John Tsortanidi (Γιάννης Τσορτανίδης) & Sevastidi Pantelis (Παντελής Σεβαστίδης)

Artistic tribute from Pontian Youth Union of Attica (E.Po.N.A.) the main exponents of the musical tradition of Santas, John Tsortanidi (Tsortan) and Sevastidi Pantelis (Pantelis).They transported and broadcast sounds and values the unforgettable Sea in Nea Santa and all of us who learn about these rare individuals, the teacher and student.

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